Do You Use Content Marketing To Recruit New Talent?

By Atamjeet Walia

The Recruiting Problem in Aviation and Aerospace
As a business grows, it needs to hire more people. A lot of Aviation and Aerospace businesses find it extremely challenging to scale themselves since they need highly specialized people and they can’t find these people when they are needed. The market is always short on good, highly skilled labour. Recruitment becomes their bottle neck. Too often, HR folks and recruiters focus on who they need to hire NOW. The problem is if you do not have a constant instream of potential leads, you are going to have a hard time finding people right when you need them. Think about it. Your potential candidates don’t know enough about your business,they can’t relate to it and they don’t think switching jobs is worth taking the risk. Do you think they will want to work for you? Most likely, you’ll either end up with subpar employees, or it will be very expensive to hire the good one and this can become a downward spiral very quickly.

What is Content Marketing in Recruiting?
Today’s millennials and Gen Z are very tech savvy and content hungry. They are always exploring the market for better businesses and better opportunities. Content marketing is the new way for your business to connect with the digital marketplace. It’s a platform to showcase what your business does and more importantly, why it does what it does.

Businesses use Content marketing to develop their brands. Recruiters and HR folks should use Content marketing to create relationships with your potential hires and attract them to your brand. It an invaluable tool that should become a big part of your recruiting strategy. So much so that it should be a lifestyle for the recruiters. Just like marketing is used to sell the company’s product or service, you should use Content marketing to sell your company’s culture, its workspace, its perks, the freedom and anything else that’s boast-worthy about your business.

How Can You Go About It?
Do you know what is one of the most important things about “selling” your company in the recruitment market? It’s your Culture. Cultures are brands. If you have a laid-back culture, show it. If your culture is cutting edge, show that. If you promote gender equality, show that too. This is a great way of connecting with your target demographic. Through your culture, you sell them your beliefs.

You can do this by creating high quality and value-added content for your audience. For example, the value to your target audience could be industry intelligence, or even the market leadership of your business. If your audience feels that your content improves their lives, they’ll be attracted to your brand and become your followers.

It is well-established that blogging, emailing and social media have the highest brand engagement. Your audiences want to consume content in multiple formats nowadays, so use videos, photos, infographics, quizzes, webinars, and podcasts to reach them and talk to them. Encourage discussion and ask for their input.

One very important thing to note is that though a lot of people are doing Content marketing and agree with the benefits of it, few do it well enough to achieve the expected results. Use the following tips as guidance to help you maximize your Content marketing efforts:

1. Before you start posting content all over the internet, figure out your plan of action. Identify the demographic of the kind of people you company needs and figure out the best way to reach them.

2. Find out who you need to hire in the short term and long term. Then, tailor your content accordingly.

3. Use your current employees to create personas of job positions in your company. Interview them, ask them what they like about their jobs and if they also switched from another company, ask them what made them do that. They are also subject matter experts. So, ask them what they think they want in their next hire, and think about what that demographic of people is looking for in an employer. This can result in some great content.

4. A lot of times, recruiters are not knowledgeable on the details of a job they have posted. When your audience engages with you and asks you for more information, do not give them wrong information. Instead, connect them with people who are experts, who will give them the right information. This will make your content marketing efforts extremely effective.

5. Lastly, as with any other strategy, measure your results. There are many social media analytics platforms that will track your leads, track audience engagement, analyze all the data and draw useful insights from them. Use this to improve and tweak your content.

If you implement a successful Content marketing strategy, you will have a constant stream of new leads coming in and you will never have to wonder where your next hire is going to come from. This will help your business grow organically and exponentially. After all, great businesses are just a bunch of great people working together.

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